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It all started with a KitchenAid.

A simple tool that would give birth to a brand now known as Aly’s Cookie Bar. Aly was 10 years when her fascination for baking started. At that time it was merely
just a means to satisfy her sweet tooth, but as her cravings grew so did her love for bringing joy to people through her baked creations

Aly was always entrepreneurial by nature.

She would try to sell just about anything like
bracelets and necklaces, just so she could get an extra snow cone she says. That
entrepreneurial spirit would transpire into her first dessert business called Enchanted Desserts. Enchanted Desserts focused on cupcakes, with Aly’s red velvet being the star of the show. She would later on further her craft in the International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) and graduate with a Diploma specializing in Baking and Pastry Arts.

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Revisiting her first love.

Shortly after graduating, something occurred to her that would be a pivotal moment in her
career. She decided to revisit her first love, which was baking cookies. After 3 years of
experimenting in the kitchen, Aly would finally perfect her famous recipe for her Triple Chocolate Chunk, establishing Aly’s Cookie Bar in 2013.

Aly’s Cookie Bar - chewy goodness that always hits the spot.

Though Aly started as a seasonal baker, she gradually built a loyal, cult fan base of #AlysCookieMonsters. It was always her dream to set up a cafe of her own one day, but she never actively pursued it thinking it was merely a dream. Her brother, Josh however saw the
potential of her business first hand late 2019. He tried to convince her that Aly’s Cookie Bar after 6 years was finally ready to expand. Aly at that time had parked her dream and was comfortable being a seasonal baker. Adamant about its potential, Josh decided to pitch the idea to none other than their mother, Pia, who also happened to be Aly’s number one fan (no surprise there). Ultimately, Josh and Pia would become her business partners, and today Aly is bringing her cookies to more consumers - all day, everyday. Her cookies have been praised and heralded by many, and have been featured as one of Manila’s Best.

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